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Felder RushingFelder Rushing addresses Living Sculpture Conference ...
... from the back of his pickup truck garden. View videos:
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NYS Learning Standards - For living sculpture activities.
Art of Horticulture students build sod sculpture at Bluegrass Lane
longwood scuplture
Featured community project:
Sod sculpture
- Create a sofa or other work of art from soil and sod.
sod cow
Featured easy activity:
Indoor topiary
- Grow ivy or other houseplants over wire frames.
sod cow

Living sculpture is art made with plants -- a creative blend of both art and science. This site will help you engage children and youth in:

  • Easy activities - Simple projects suitable to any educational setting. Many are indoor projects.
  • Community projects - Exciting, larger and more challenging community-scale projects.

Activities and projects use several living sculpture techniques, including:

Featured videos:

Sod sofa at Cornell Plantations

Also at this site:

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