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Here are some easy-to-do, simpler living sculpture introductions that lend themselves well to any educational setting. Many are indoor projects.

indoor topiaryTopiary

  • Introduction
  • Indoor topiary - Rain or shine, this activity will provide a terrific indoor introduction to the world of topiary. Make this your first step to creating something on a larger scale!

Turf & sod

  • Introduction
  • Table top sod sculpture - Our living sculpture site offers a number of inspiring turf works. However, beginning with a piece of living furniture could be daunting. Try this small-scale activity to test the waters.

woven branch artTree sculpture

  • Introduction
  • Woven branch art - Try this activity as an introduction to the exciting world of tree sculpture. This simple woven branch project can be done with any trimmings you have on hand.

Mowing & crop art

  • Introduction
  • Grass seed patterns - So you thought that grass was just green? This activity shows you all the subtle shades of green you can create with different varieties of grass.
  • Light and grass experiment - This is an indoor introduction to how excluding light can create fantastic patterns in grass, in any shape you like! Easy and quick, but can be a springboard for an unusual living sculpture outdoors.

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