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Are you interested in doing a community living sculpture project but can’t seem to envision what that process would look like? Want to see how a sod sofa takes shape and comes to life in the span of an afternoon? Take a few minutes to watch the following video series. Host Alex Lovallo introduces the concept of Living Sculpture and visits several field sites where successful community living sculpture pieces, such as apple domes and sod sofas, are thriving!

Sod Sofa Time Lapse
A fast-track version of a community turf-work in Trumansburg, N.Y.

This short, yet amazing, clip shows a sod sofa being built from start to finish. A must-see for those seeking some inspiration for their project! Duration: 1:13

Community Sod Sofa Project: Step by Step
Building a sod sofa at the Children’s Village, Trumansburg, N.Y.

Host Alex Lovallo highlights the steps taken during a community sod sofa build in Trumansburg, N.Y., including creating the initial soil foundation and basic form, sculpting the shape of the sofa, laying the sod and tightening its seams, watering, and at last, sitting back and enjoying the new outdoor furniture created! Duration: 3:42

Building and Maintaining Sod Furniture
This sod sofa needs a haircut… see how it is done!

Host Alex Lovallo re-visits a completed community turf work project in Ithaca, N.Y., and discusses the important aspects of maintaining turf works, such as watering and grass trimming. Duration: 2:50

A Creative Approach to Tree Sculpture
A living tunnel and dome made from willow and dogwood.

Host Alex Lovallo explores a living tunnel and dome created by students in Cortland, N.Y., and discusses the planning, design, and building processes involved in this community project. Duration: 2:07

Tree Sculpture Maintenance
Horticulture techniques to fill out a sculpture’s form

Host Alex Lovallo discusses various techniques used in tree sculpture maintenance such as pruning, grafting, and weaving. At a recently-built apple dome in Ithaca, N.Y., he demonstrates how a simple process such as weaving branches works to fill out the dome. Duration: 3:17

What is Living Sculpture?
Exploring the concept of art made with plants

Host Alex Lovallo introduces the concept of “Living Sculpture” and the different types you can create, such as topiary, turf works, creative mowing and crop art, and tree sculptures. Duration: 1:43

How to Avoid the Living Sculpture Graveyard
Tips and Inspiration for a Successful Project!

Part of a series of videos on “Living Sculpture” produced by the Cornell Garden-Based Learning Program. This inspirational video highlights the main things to consider when planning, creating, and maintaining a living sculpture project. It also cautions how if these things are neglected, a once thriving living sculpture can quickly turn into a living sculpture graveyard! A wide variety of living sculpture designs are featured, so this video is also a terrific starting point for gaining an understanding of what is possible in the living sculpture world! Duration: 3:10

Indoor Topiary
A terrific winter activity!

Part of a series of videos on “Living Sculpture” produced by the Cornell Garden-Based Learning Program. Host Alex Lovallo demonstrates how to create an indoor (2-D) topiary project. If you’re thinking of topiary as a living sculpture project, start by watching this video and then create an indoor table-top topiary to try out a few of the techniques involved, develop some of your ideas, and inspire enthusiasm for the project! Duration: 3:51

Video temporarily unavailable.

3-D Topiary
Creative Designs and Techniques!

Part of a series of videos on “Living Sculpture” produced by the Cornell Garden-Based Learning Program. Host Alex Lovallo demonstrates how to create an indoor (3-D) topiary project, including creative designs and techniques such as using a salvaged antique chair as the frame! The topiaries growing outdoors in gardens and parks use a very similar method as indoor 3-D topiaries - they are just often bigger and utilize different plants. So start small, learn the ropes, and you’ll soon be on your way towards creating magnificent topiary sculptures of all shapes and sizes! Duration: 3:13

Video temporarily unavailable.