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Proceedings from the Empire State Producers Expo
Syracuse, N.Y.

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2018 Conference Proceedings

January 16-18, 2018

Expo topics (remaining abstracts coming soon):


Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Course

Introduction to Produce Safety
Worker Health, Hygiene and Safety
Soil Amendments
Wildlife, Domestic Animals, and Land Use
Agricultural Water Part 1: Production Water
Agricultural Water Part 2: Postharvest Water
Postharvest Handling and Sanitation
How to Develop a Farm Food Safety Plan

Snap Beans/Peas

Weed Management Update for Processing Green Peas and Snap Beans in 2018
Status of Cucumber Mosaic Virus in Snap Beans in New York and Wisconsin
Progress in the Application of Remote Sensing to White Mold Management in Snap Beans

Berry Session I: Industry Trends

Berry Industry Trends: Creating Opportunities for NYS Growers
Extending the Strawberry Production Season in the Northeastern U.S.
NYS Berry Growers Association Annual Meeting

Emerging Markets: Hops

Serious Hop Production and Our Approach to Fertility at Pedersen Farms
Lessons on Hop Harvest Timing

Tomatoes: Transplants, Trellis and Varieties

Make-It or Break-It Tips for Growing Transplants at Sunscape Farm
Growing Tomato Transplants at Maple Lane Produce
Discussion Breakout 1: Tomato Varieties, Trellis & Support, Transplant Production
Discussion Breakout 2: Tomato Varieties, Trellis & Support, Transplant Production


Control of Ragweed with Pre-emergent Herbicides
Reminders of New Worker Protection Standards (WPS) for 2018 as They Affect Cabbage Production
Varietal Tolerance to Black Rot: The Difference Variety Makes
Level of Susceptibility to the Black Rot Pathogen of Commercially Available Cabbage

Berry Session II: Weed Management

Considerations for Adapting a Rolled Mulch System for Berry Crops
Abrasive Weeding - Air-propelled Abrasive Grits Reduce Weed Abundance and Increase Yields

Emerging Markets - Malting Barley: Technical Updates, Economics and Opportunities

Malting Barley 101: A Brief Introduction Highlighting the Current State of the Craft Beer Supply Chain Soil Health
Malting Barley Production Economics
Integrating Malting Barley into Your Crop Rotation

Emerging Markets - Malting Barley: Technical Updates, Economics and Opportunities, continued.

Report Card from Commercial Field Surveys: Are We Achieving Malt Quality Specs? 
Highlights and Recommendations from the Empire State Barley and Malt Summit
Questions of the Panel

Tomatoes: Mulch, Water and Weed Control

Experiences with Bio-degradable Mulch on 45 Acres at Sunscape Farms
Breakout 1: Tomato Weed Control, Mulching, Water Management
Breakout 2: Tomato Weed Control, Mulching, Water Management


Controlling Weeds in Small-seeded Crops Using Cultivation
Incorporating Reduced Risk Insecticides into Carrot Pest Management

Berry Session III: Soil and Plant Health

Why Can’t I Grow Strawberries Anymore? Results of Strawberry Survey in Eastern NY
Diagnosing and Managing Soilborne Pathogens
Hands-On Diagnostics

Emerging Markets: Profitable Log-Grown Shiitake Mushrooms

Profitable Log-Grown Shiitake Mushrooms

Tomatoes: Diseases, Pests, Prevention

Developments in Bacterial Diseases of Tomatoes
Breakout 1: Tomato Diseases, Pests, Cultural Considerations
Breakout 2: Tomato Diseases, Pests, Cultural Considerations

Weed Management

Emerging Weeds in NY Cropping Systems: Identification, Control and Management Options

Berry Session IV: Spotted Wing Drosophila Farmer to Farmer

Farmer to Farmer Discussion: Managing SWD – Is it Possible on U-Pick and Diverse Fresh Market Farms? Share Successes and Challenges with Other Growers in this Informal, Guided Conversation Format

Emerging Markets: Hemp

Cornell Research Update on Hemp
2 Year of Hemp: Insights from JD Farms
Planting Hemp in 2018 – Rules and Regulations
2018 and Beyond – Processing and Market Potential

Tomatoes: Moving From Field to Market for a Profit

Fresh Ideas for Marketing Tomatoes at Plowbreak Farm
Breakout 1: Tomato Harvesting Procedures, Increasing Sales for Retail & Wholesale, Profitability Tips from Field to Market
Breakout 2: Tomato Harvesting Procedures, Increasing Sales for Retail & Wholesale, Profitability Tips from Field to Market

Poster Session

Eastern Broccoli Project
New Soil Health Innovations and Initiatives
iPipe – A New Source for Local and National Pest Information

Sweet Corn

Managing Corn Earworm Using GMO Varieties, Conventional and OMRI-approved Insecticides in Sweet Corn
Herbicide Options for Sweet Corn in 2018
Using CSF and NEWA Online Tools to Understand Short and Long – Term Crop Risks on Your Farm
Short-term Crop Risk Management with NEWA Online Tools
Long- Term Crop Risk Management with CSF Online Tools

High Tunnel

Long-term High Tunnel Soil Nutrient Management
High Tunnel Cherry Tomato Production at Sunscape Farm
Pruning Research Update: Cherry Tomatoes

Marketing to Millennials

Blue Apron - Ingredient and Recipe Meal Kit Service

Scope of What the Washington Fruit Industry is Doing

Business Plans in Pursuit of Excellence
Creating and Managing High Performance Orchards

Onion SLB Fungicide Resistance Workshop

Managing Stemphylium Leaf Blight of Onion with Fungicides in New York Featuring 2017 Trial Results
Current Status of Fungicide Resistance to Stemphylium Leaf Blight of Onion in New York 
Fungicide Resistance Theory: How Best to Preserve the Longevity of our Fungicide Classes
Putting It All Together: Improved SLB Fungicide Program - Effective, Affordable, and with Best Resistance Management Practices

Biopesticides: How They Work, Why They Don’t and the Importance of Formulation on Activity and Use

Biocontrols of Soilborne Plant Diseases: How They Work...and When They Don't
Formulations of Biologicals and Their Impact on Activity


Developing an Integrated Pest Management Plan for Your Vegetable Greenhouse
Beneficial Nematodes: A Tool to Control Several Greenhouse Vegetable Pests

The Business Side of Cut Flower Farming

The Business Side of Cut Flower Farming

Fruit Quality – Fruit Finish Issues

Preventing Fruit Rots and Spray-associated Lenticel Issues in Apples
Managing Lenticel Issues

Onion Pest Management

Highlights from 2017 Muck Onion Herbicide Trials
Unravelling the Interactions Among Variety, Fertility, Yield, Onion Thrips and Diseases, and Implications for Improved Management Practices

Talking to Customers about GMOs

Answering Customers and Media Questions about GMOs


Lighting Greenhouse Crops: Costs, Benefits, and Is It Time to Dive Into LEDs?
What does it Cost to Heat a Greenhouse? And Strategies to Save on Heat

Biological Control of Insects in Cut Flower Farming

Biological Control of Insects in Cut Flower Farming

Tree Fruit IPM: Sudden Apple Decline

Sudden Apple Decline: The Pennsylvania Experience
Sudden Apple Decline: The New York Perspective

Onion Feature Presentation

Onion Breeding in the 21st Century: Classical and New Approaches
Bacterial Disease Update: Surchlor Registered and Trialed – What is Causing the Problems?

New Soil Health Innovations, Initiatives, and Farmer Networking

The New NYS Soil Health Initiative
Tools for Choosing and Managing Cover Crops In Relation to Soil Health Goals Grower Panel
Soil Health Practices at Roxbury Farm

Precision Irrigation

Precision Irrigation Opportunities for Growers: How and Why We Should Irrigate – An Example in NY Orchards             
Using Soil Electrical Conductivity Measurements for Precision Water Management in Vegetable Crops – Year 1 Research Update

Weed Management and Soil Health in Cut Flower Production

Weed Management and Soil Health in Cut Flower Production

Technologies to Reduce Production Risks Associated with the Weather

Discussion: Potential Use of Hail Netting in the Northeast and Other Technologies to Reduce Production Risks Associated with the Weather

Soil Health

Cover Cropping in a Cold Climate – Practices at The Food Farm
Adapting Strip Tillage for Organic Vegetable Systems

Root Crops

Root Crop Diseases: From Top to Bottom
Cultivating Small Seeded Crops
Handling and Storing Root Crops

Beginning Farmer Track

Buying Equipment for Your Current and Future Scale of Operations: Part A

Social Media Marketing – Being Proactive Instead of Reactive

Dealing with Social Media Criticisms

Tree Fruit IPM II: Chemical Control

Rainfastness of Insecticides and Other Weather-related Effects on Pesticide Efficacy
New Chemical Control Products for Tree Fruit Pests

Wildlife Management

Minimizing Wildlife Impacts in Vegetables by Utilizing Repellency Tactics
Update on Avipel Research in Corn
Grower Panel: What Is and Isn't Working in Managing Wildlife on Our Farm

Vine Crops

Fungus or Bacteria: Which is Which in my Vine Crops
Tips for Handling and Storing Various Vine Crops
Managing Mildews with Resistant Varieties and Fungicides

Beginning Farmer Track

Buying and Scaling a Tractor and Appropriate Equipment Part B

Unique Marketing Opportunities

Utilizing Corporate Business As A Marketing Outlet
The Good Food Farmers Network – CSA Model

Hard Cider Session 1

The New York State Cider Supply Chain
Breeding Apples for the Cider Industry
Panel Discussion: Reflecting on England’s Cider Orchards and How We Grow Apples in New York

Hard Cider Intersession

Hard Cider PWT Working Group Meeting

Hard Cider Session 2: Tasting

Welcome and Tasting

Beginning Farmer Track

What Is My Job? Writing Effective Job Descriptions
Marketing Your Farm Through Your Employee Handbook
Establishing Effective Training Plans

Becker Forum – Farm Employment Practices: Planning for the Future

Accurate Wage Recording and Avoiding Payroll Mistakes
How Other Regions of the United States are Using the H‐2A Program – Agri Placements
Review of H-2 process