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Proceedings from the Empire State Producers Expo
Syracuse, N.Y.

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2017 Conference Proceedings

January 17-19, 2017

Expo topics (remaining abstracts coming soon):

Special Session

Berry Crops Protected Culture Workshop

  • Growing strawberries in low tunnels
  • Strawberry cultivars for low tunnels and NYS day neutral breeding program
  • Continuing progress in plastics research
  • Plastic recycling: The final consideration
  • Interactive demonstration of low tunnels and plastic light transmission
  • SWD management and impact on profits
  • NEWA weather apps -newa.cornell.edu
  • Mitigation tools for climate smart farmers
  • NEWA and CICSS tools for farmers: Interactive demonstration
  • Highlighting innovation under plastic
  • Small fruit disease management under plastic
  • Managing insects and mites under cover
  • Raspberry cultivars for high tunnels
  • Protecting berry crops using exclusion netting

Greenhouse Vegetables: Costs, Benefits, and Consumer Willingness to Pay



  • Essential elements of producing mildew-free hops in the eastern US
  • Potential New York hopyard insect pest
  • What we have learned growing hops and brining malting barley into a vegetable operation

Processing Vegetables

Amber Waves on the Horizon: Grain Growing for Emerging Value-Added, Local, Small Grain Markets

  • The Cornell malting barley update: Of growing pains and progress in a growing NYS industry
  • Of combines and test weight, craft and terrior: Notes on getting into growing grain for value-added markets

Cut Flower Production

Weed Management

  • Weed seed banks: What can be done to lower their impact in our cropping systems?


Soil Health

  • Restoring soil health at Roxbury Farm and the Hudson Valley Farm Hub: Strategies and success stories to date
  • Going big with brassica green manures and biofumigation for soil health in eastern Washington and beyond

Biopesticides: What are they? Will they work? How to Incorporate them on your farm

  • Doing right by biopesticides: Truths and myths
  • Biopesticides: What we’ve tried, what has worked

Tree Fruit Pest Management

Tree Fruit Horticulture


  • Cornell Farmworker Program: Improving workplace relations and communications
  • Looking for talent in today’s workforce: H2A and other services provided by the NYS Department of Labor

Worker Protection Standards

  • An update on WPS in 2017

Farmers Market Federation

  • Building your marketing plan
  • Marketing and outreach efforts for Farm-to-School success
  • Using social media to grow loyal customers
  • Famers market currencies
  • Understanding the science of pricing
  • Working with a diverse audience: Do your research
  • Working with a diverse audience: Understanding the connection between culture and food preferences

Agricultural Health

  • Reduce your risk of skin cancer: How to prevent and protect against the sun
  • Tick-borne illness: What every farmer needs to know
  • Health and safety on the farm: Respirators to ROPS

Sweet Corn

Wildlife Management

Tomato Production Updates

Specialty Crops

  • Growing, storing, and marketing sweet potatoes at Burnt Rock Farm
  • Growing and marketing hot peppers at Sparrow Arc Farm

High Tunnels

Tree Fruit – Technology in the Orchard

  • Sensor technology 1: Quantitative measurement of fields and crops using drones and ground-based platforms
  • Apple harvest mechanization: Present and future states
  • Sensor technology 2: Qualitative assessment of crops and decision support

Tree Fruit – Challenging Weather and Risk Mitigation

Beginning Farmer

Marketing: Social Media and Apps

  • How to connect with consumers using social media
  • Utilizing social media for sales on your farm: Making your business thrive

Transplant Production

  • Media, water, and fertility considerations in transplant production
  • Germination chamber design
  • Grower tips for quality transplant production

Root Crops

  • New product evaluations for control of nematodes in carrots in Ontario, Canada
  • Variety trial show and tell for table beets
  • Fresh market carrot variety trial show and tell

Climate Smart Farming: Using Climate Based Decision Tools to Prepare for Climate Variability and Change

  • Intro to climate trends and impacts on agriculture in the Northeast
  • In-depth view of the CDF Freeze tools and GDD Tool, interaction with tool among participants, other CSF resources

Onions: Ensuring High Quality in Small-Scale Production

Efficient Water Management on Your Farm in the Face of Drought

  • Intro to climate trends and best management practices for soil and water resource management
  • In-depth view of the CSF Irrigation Scheduler and interaction with tool among participants
  • Overview of other resources available on the CSF website and elsewhere


  • What we’ve seen and what we like from our potato variety trials
  • Dickeya blackleg: The newest disease threat to potatoes
  • Managing Colorado potato beetle and potato leafhopper

Hard Cider

  • From orchard to glass: Designing an optimal craft cider from NY dessert apples
  • Introduction to tannins in apples
  • Cider apple trees: Supply, demand, and growing challenges from a nurseryman’s perspective

Cole Crops