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Sinningia speciosa
(sin-in-gee-ah spee-cee-oh-sah)

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What about it?

The gloxinia is an unusual-looking plant. It has no stems and the large, bell-shaped flowers emerge right from a rosette of velvety leaves. The flowers can be several inches across at the mouth. They come in colors of bright red, purple, violet, and white. Oftentimes they are two-toned or have spotted throats.

What is it used for?

The gloxinia is most often used as a potted indoor plant. Occasionally they are used as bedding plants outdoors.

Where does it grow? How do we grow it?

Gloxinias prefer warm temperatures around 70-75 degrees F. They need good sunlight but can be damaged by drafts. They flower in July and August The biggest mistake to make with a gloxinia is to overwater it, which will lead to rotting.

What are its primary problems?

The gloxinia has no outstanding problems.

How do we propagate it?

They can easily be cultivated from seed or from cuttings of the leaf and stem.

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