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About This Site

What do banana "trees" look like? How does a rutabaga differ from a turnip? And what about those weird little coverings on a filbert nut -- what's up with them?

If you're a young person preparing for the New York Horticulture Contest or a national event, knowing the answers to these kinds of questions could make all the difference in the world! Or, if you're a curious gardener, you may want just want to know more about common - and not-so-common - cultivated plants.

The Cornell Garden-Based Learning Program put together this site of digital images and plant profiles to satisfy those needs. These can be used to prepare NYS youth for the statewide event or the annual National Junior Horticulture Association (NJHA) conference, as well as serve as an electronic resource for other audiences.

There are four categories of images: vegetables, flowers and indoor plants, fruits and nuts, and ornamentals (mostly woody vines, shrubs and trees).

This site is constantly growing and evolving. If you notice a plant that should be added, have suggestions for improving text, or can provide an image that shows clearer detail, please let us know. Email Lori Bushway at:

Enjoy the site.


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