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Citrus sinensis
(sit-russ sine-en-sis)

orange orange orange orange
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What about it?

Oranges are an important tropical fruit that provide a good source of vitamin C.

What is it used for?

The Sour orange is quite sour and too bitter to be enjoyed raw, so its greatest food use is in marmalade. The Mandarin and Sweet orange are what we commonly buy in the grocery store and eat.

Where does it grow? How do we grow it?

Different varieties of oranges can be found growing in a number of locations including the Bahamas, Florida, California, China, and Japan. They require alot of water and sunshine. Oranges also need enough heat to sweeten the fruit.

What are its primary problems?

Poor drainage can favor root rot diseases. Aphids, scale, mealybugs, and spider mites will come to feast on the citrus plants. Also, see lemon diseases.

How do we harvest and store it?

Southern gardeners use clippers to get the fruit down from the trees, and they are careful not to bruise the fruit.

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