Recent Releases and Numbered Selections from the Geneva Grape Breeding Program


Bruce Reisch and Steve Luce (Dept. of Horticulture)

Anna Katharine Mansfield (Dept. of Food Science and Technology)

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2006 Announcement of Three New Grape Varieties

Red Wine Grapes:

70.0809.10 cluster
Red wine grape released 10 July 2006:
'Corot noir'
(formerly NY70.0809.10 - SV 18-307 x Steuben) produces a highly ranked vinous, vinifera type wine. The vine is vigorous and very productive at Geneva. Some cluster thinning is usually required to avoid overcropping. Vines are healthy with good powdery mildew and Botrytis rot resistance and often maintain green leaves up until frost. Fruit maturity is late, with harvest Oct. 15-20 in Geneva.

Predicted temperature of 50% primary bud kill in mid winter = -15.1 F *

Red wine grape released 10 July 2006:
(formerly NY73.0136.17 - [(NY33277 x Chancellor) x Steuben]) produces an excellent full-bodied wine with a distinct pepper character and moderate tannin content. Vines have generally been vigorous and productive in the Finger Lakes of New York, though older vines occasionally show a slow decline in vigor that may be indicative of a need for grafting. The leaves show moderate resistance to powdery mildew, but both fruit and leaves require a regular spray program to control downy mildew. Fruit maturity is mid-season, approx. Oct. 1 in Geneva.

Predicted temperature of 50% primary bud kill in mid winter = -14.3 F *

Red wine grape released, February, 2003:
'Geneva Red' - ("GR 7") - (Buffalo x Baco noir) highly vigorous, highly productive and winter hardy, with moderate resistance to diseases. 'GR 7' makes dark red wines with a classical hybrid aroma. It has better tannin structure than Baco noir and De Chaunac. It still has a short finish. It is best made as a light (not heavily extracted) wine. Use hot pressing, short skin contact time or some carbonic maceration. It has a place in traditional red hybrid blended wines, and is already in limited commercial production.

Predicted temperature of 50% primary bud kill in mid winter = -17.1 F *
Red wine grape released February, 2013:
'Arandell' (NY95.0301.01)
- Red wine grape with high disease resistance and potential to produce red wines of good quality.  Most years at Geneva, NY, fruit and foliage are free of downy and powdery mildew, and only a low level of black rot appears under fungicide-free conditions.  In 2009, under season-long conditions conducive to downy mildew development, moderate foliar symptom appeared in September, but not prior to that.  The vine is moderately productive (>13 lbs. fruit/vine) and winter hardy (estimated temperature of 50% primary bud kill in mid-winter is –14 F).  Wine is very drinkable and enjoyable, with clean light aroma, and a very nice mouth feel, good structure, with blueberry fruit character.  The color is dark red and it ranks low for hybrid character.

Predicted temperature of 50% primary bud kill in mid winter = -14.1 F *


White Wine Grapes:

62.0122.01 clusters
White wine grape released 10 July 2006:
'Valvin Muscat'
(formerly NY62.0122.01 - Muscat du Moulin x Muscat Ottonel) produces an excellent, high quality muscat wine that may be made into a dessert wine or used in blending. Own-rooted vines are small (1.4 lb./vine in Geneva), and therefore grafting is recommended. Though grafting improves vine size, planting at somewhat closer than normal spacing (approx. six feet between vines within rows) may also improve vineyard productivity. The fruit is highly flavored, very juicy, and ripens mid-season.

Predicted temperature of 50% primary bud kill in mid winter = -14.6 F *
White wine grape released February, 2013:
'Aromella' (NY76.0844.24)
- (Traminette x Ravat 34) makes a top ranked floral, muscat wine. Own rooted vines have been highly productive, highly vigorous (24 lbs. of fruit/vine; 4.3 lbs. pruning weight average for '96-'03) and very winter hardy. Clusters are large and loose. Leaf phylloxera have been an occasional problem. Maturity is mid-season, ripening in mid-late September in Geneva.

Predicted temperature of 50% primary bud kill in mid winter = -16.8 F *
NY81.0315.17 - (Cayuga White x White Riesling) produces a floral and sometimes spicy light muscat wine. Highly rated for wine quality for several years. Only available grafted because own rooted vines have been small. Botrytis rot has been negligible and winter primary bud hardiness ranks better than Cayuga White, and with many French-American hybrids.

Average Juice/Wine Composition (Geneva, New York):

NY Selection, Cultivar
Brix (at harvest)
Wine T.A. (g/L)
Wine pH
Valvin Muscat /grafted
Corot noir
Geneva Red


1996 Variety Releases :

'Marquis' - Named and released for public use in 1996. (formerly NY64.0029.01) - (Athens x Emerald Seedless) Fruit is yellow-green with large, round berries (3.5 - 5.0g/berry), melting texture, and very flavorful. Clusters are very large and attractive. Giberrellic acid treatment is not recommended, but well-timed cluster thinning and girdling can increase berry size and improve cluster appearance. Vines are moderately hardy, medium in vigor and productive.

Traminette Cluster 'Traminette'- Named and released for public use in 1996. (formerly NY65.0533.13) - (JS 23-416 x Gewürztraminer ) This Gewürztraminer hybrid continues to produce wines of excellent quality, with good sugar/acid/pH balance. The vine is much more winter hardy than its Gewürztraminer parent, productive, and moderately resistant to powdery mildew. Maturity is late mid-season, Oct. 5-10 in Geneva.

Predicted temperature of 50% primary bud kill in mid winter = -15.6 F *

* - Please note that the actual temperature at which 50% primary bud kill occurs will depend on vineyard care and local climate, including such factors as the temperatures preceding the cold event, and the time of year when the cold event occurs.

New York (Cornell University) numbered selections and varieties are available from the following nurseries:

Double A Vineyards
10277 Christy Road
Fredonia, NY 14063
Telephone: 716-672-8493
Fax: 716-679-3442
Double A web site

Grafted Grapevine Nursery
2399 Wheat Road
Clifton Springs, NY 14432-9312
Telephone: 315-462-3288
or: 585-526-6742
Fax: 315-462-5234
Grafted Grapevine web site


Nurseries licensed to sell 'Geneva Red', 'Corot noir', 'Noiret' and 'Valvin Muscat':

Concord Nurseries Inc.
10175 Mile Block Road
North Collins, NY 14111-9770
Fax 800-448-1267
Concord Nurseries web site

Falconer Vineyards and Nursery (GR 7 only)
3572 Old Tyler Rd.
Red Wing, MN 55066
Falconer Vineyards web site
Double A Vineyards
(contact information above)
Grafted Grapevine Nursery (except GR 7)
(contact information above)

Turnbull Nursery (GR 7 only)
Turnbull Nursery, Inc.
10036 Versailles Plank Road
North Collins, NY 14111
716-337-2248 (Wholesale)
716-337-2248 (Retail Garden Center)
Fax 716-337-0318
Turnbull Nursery web site




In March, 2007, the following additional nurseries became licensees of Cornell grape varieties.
Check with each one for availability:

Silver Creek Vineyard & Nursery
(Licensing: Corot noir, Valvin Muscat, Noiret, and Marquis )
23393 Double Arch Rd
New Douglas, IL 62074
Silver Creek web site
Phone: 217-456-6641

Mellwood Hill Nursery
1216 Balsam Trail East
Eagan, MN 55123
Phone: 651-366-7324

Piedmontese Nursery & Vineyard
(Licensing: Geneva Red, Corot noir, Noiret, Valvin Muscat, Chardonel, Marquis)
Rt 2, Box 393 G
Duncan, OK 73533
Contact: Randall Miller - 580-583-5573

Fulkerson Winery
(Corot noir, Noiret, Valvin Muscat only)

5576 Rt.14
Dundee, NY 14837
Contact: Sayre Fulkerson - 607-243-7883


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