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The Kao-Kniffin Lab at Cornell University
Horticulture Section, School of Integrative Plant Science
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Belowground Ecology of Invasive Plants and Weeds

Jenny Kao-Kniffin
Dr. Jenny Kao-Kniffin

Research in the Kao-Kniffin lab focuses on the belowground ecology and management of weedy and invasive plants.

Invasive plants and weeds are prevalent in managed and natural landscapes, and have been shown to alter terrestrial ecosystem processes. We are examining the underlying microbial-based mediation of plant traits that impact ecosystem function.

We are broadly interested in three areas of research:

  • Selection of rhizosphere microbiomes that modulate plant traits
  • Identifying novel biosynthetic compounds from rhizosphere microorganisms contributing to plant growth or inhibition
  • Assembly of plant-microbial communities that enhance ecosystem services

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