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Eastern Broccoli Project

Project Director
Thomas Björkman

Phone: 315-787-2218

Department of Horticulture
Cornell University

Björkman broccoli research page 

Developing an Eastern Broccoli Industry


Welcome!  On this website you will find news and information related to a USDA-SCRI and industry-funded effort to establish a broccoli industry in the eastern United States. The project team includes researchers from several universities, private companies, and the USDA, as well as commercial participants in the production, distribution, and marketing business.

Broccoli is a high value specialty crop with well-known nutritional benefits.  The rising consumption and value of broccoli has led to renewed interest in this vegetable by eastern U.S. producers, at a time when fuel costs make shipping from traditional production areas challenging, and enthusiasm for locally grown food is increasing. Our goal is to create a year-round supply of quality, Eastern-grown broccoli that will be welcomed in East Coast Markets.

See this great PBS video about our project.

Broccoli Man

This is a partership of the public and private sectors, serving big and small growers. See the many partners involved.