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The Art of Horticulture:
  • Is PLHRT 2010, a course taught by Emily Detrick, horticulture director at the Cornell Botanic Gardens.
  • Gives horticulture students a chance to explore the world of art ...
  • ... And art students a chance to discover the world of horticulture.
  • Helps students from all disciplines consider plants as the subject of art, as well as a material and artform.
  • Takes an experiential, hands-on approach in class.
Experiences include:
  • Exploring a diversity of approaches to using or depicting plants in or as art.
  • In-class writing, reflecting, group work, hands-on experiences.
  • Sessions at the Johnson Museum and elsewhere on campus.
  • Presentations by visiting artists.
  • Creative projects to explore a topic in-depth.
  • Reflective writing, and review of other student's writing, offers a chance to expand learning. As John Dewey said, we learn not just from experience, but from reflecting on experience…
For more information:
For more information about The Art of Horticulture, contact:

Emily Detrick