This publication is based on the New York Food and Life Sciences Bulletin No. 80, July 1979, "Grape Varieties for New York State". The authors are indebted to their predecessors, Dr. John Einset (deceased), John Watson (deceased), Dr. Willard Robinson and Keith Kimball, who developed the earlier bulletin and generated much of the information contained therein. Gary Howard's expertise was invaluable to the Cornell evaluations of Vitis vinifera varieties and Ben Gavitt and Joe Bertino provided their skillful wine making expertise. Phillip McInnis, Jr. assisted with field evaluations and generated the early variety databases upon which this publication was based. Raymond Mallaber and the Field Research Unit of Geneva, as well as the staff of the Vineyard Laboratory of Fredonia supplied skilled and enthusiastic viticultural expertise. James Kamas and Dr. Nelson Shaulis provided thoughtful reviews of this manuscript. We are grateful for financial support from the New York State Grape Production Research Fund, the New York Wine & Grape Foundation, and Mr. John Dyson. To all of the above, as well as many others who contributed in significant ways, the authors express their gratitude and appreciation.



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