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Information for Buckwheat Growers

Cleaning buckwheat

Dockage is often a contentious issue between farmers and receiving houses. This page shows images of clean buckwheat and screenings to give growers an idea of what to expect.

Clean buckwheat
This sample has been through the seed cleaner at a receiving house and is what the paid weight was based on. Naked kernels are acceptable to this buyer since it is milled. The seed would be recleaned if it was to be used for sowing.


These are the screenings removed from the load to get the sample above. There appear to be a lot of kernels, but they are all empty. The light colored kernels are obviously empty, but even the dark ones weigh very little. These screenings weigh only about 1/5 as much as the seed by volume.


More screenings
These are the screenings from another load of buckwheat. There were many weed seeds in this load, which can cause the stored grain to heat quickly. Here there are fewer false kernels.


Raw sample with 10% dockage
This sample would be docked 10%. It looks cleaner than that, but the dockage is mostly false kernels, as shown in the first screenings sample above.