The Geneva Arboretum Association

"It is proposed to have an arboretum, in which, in time, there shall be a permanent exhibit of every kind of tree and shrub which in this latitude may be successfully grown; " Director Peter Collier, 1888.

Index to Articles

NYSAES Tree Guide 1992

General Articles

Ament's Lament: Amentiferous plants

Living Legacies (Memorial Trees)

An Ounce of Prevention...or a Total Replant?

A tree made in heaven or a pain in the grass?


Plant Profiles

Beautiful Beeches

"Of Auspicious Name" Burning Bush

Rat Tails! It's a Douglas Fir!

The Magnificent Magnolias Part I: Family Tree

The Magnificent Magnolias Part II: Genus Liriodendron

The Magnificent Magnolias Part III: Genus Magnolia

Eastern Redbud, Legendary "Pea" Tree Found in Our Own Rock Garden

Redwood's Last Stand - Jordan Hall: Dawn Redwood

Sweetgum, Confederate Native becoming Yankee Favorite.

Sycamore or Snake - It's Off With the Old and On With the New!

"A Rose by Any Other Name ..." is a Washington Thorn.


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