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2007 Plant List

Annual Flower Research at Bluegrass Lane - 2007

"Best Overall"

This class recognizes the top ten performing plants of the season.

#1 Petunia Jamboree Blue by Goldsmith Seeds

Petunia Jamboree Blue

#2 Cleome Senorita Rosalita by Proven Winners

Cleome Senorita Rosalita

#3 Euphorbia Diamond Frost by Proven Winners

Euphorbia Diamond Frost

#4 Rudbeckia Radiance by Ball Horticultural Company

Rudbeckia Radiance

#5 Petunia Supertunia Royal Velvet by Proven Winners

Petunia Supertunia Royal Velvet

#6 Agastache Color Spires Orchid by Proven Winners

Agastache Color Spires Orchid

#7 Scaevola Bombay Blue by Goldsmith Seeds

Scaevola Bombay Blue

#8 Diascia Darla Light Pink by Goldsmith Seeds

Diascia Darla - Light Pink

#9 Ageratum Artist Blue by Proven Winners

Ageratum Artist Blue

#10 Scaevola Whirlwind Blue by Proven Winners

Scaevola Whirlwind Blue

"Best in Category" (in alphabetical order)

This class recognizes the best performing plants within individual plant categories. The categories include: argyranthemum, calibrachoa, diascia, geranium (exotic), geranium (zonal), osteospermum, petunia, phlox, scaevola, verbena, and vinca.

Best Angelonia

Angelonia Angel Mist Dark Lavender by Ball FloraPlant

Angelonia Angel Mist  Lavender Bicolor

Best Calibrachoa

Calibrachoa Superbells Scarlet by Proven Winners

Calibrachoa Superbells - Scarlet

Best Dahlia

Dahlia Dalina Grand Tesie by Proven Winners

Dahlia Dalina - Grand Tesie

Best Geranium

Geranium (Zonal) Americana Violet by Goldsmith Seeds

Geranium (Zonal) Americana Violet

Best Impatiens

Impatien Super Sonic New Guinea Pastel Pink by Fischer USA

Impatien Super Sonic New Guinea Pastel Pink

Best Lantana

Lantana Landmark Blaze by Ball FloraPlant

Lantana Landmark Blaze

Best Osteospermum

Osteospermum Tradewinds Light Purple by Goldsmith Seeds

Osteospermum Tradewinds Light Purple

Best Petunia

Petunia Jamboree Blue by Goldsmith Seeds

Petunia Jamboree Blue

Best Verbena

Verbena Lanai Blue by Goldsmith Seeds

Verbena Lanai Blue

Best Vince

Vinca Titan Pure White by Ball Horticultural Company

Vinca Titan Pure White

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