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   The Death of Summer
by Tyler Baier

The death of summer is upon us
Slowly it goes to sleep
Fall strips it of its life support
Starving it 'til emptiness

Helplessly we watch
As our gardens lose their color
And as the flowers die away
Our emotions also fade

Its demise is in the withered trees
As they show their naked skin
Fall forces them to drop their clothes
And expose their barren limbs

The summer grass has had its fun
Bright green turns into brown
While fallen leaves and acorns
Like a coat cover the ground

The sun wanes in the distance
Causing dim November days
Darkness steals our daylight
And the Earth begins to gray

The mercury starts to fall
While the wind strengthens its blow
Sending down a freezing rain
Or a thin blanket of snow

We rush inside to make a fire
To chase the cold air out
While countless birds fly far away
To a home much further south

Gray smoke shoots from the rooftops
Floating into a grave sky
For many marking misery
From being stuck inside

But the frost taking the flowers
Shouldn't be taken as an end
For it's just the death of summer
In the spring it's born again

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