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Students, friends, others: If you spot examples of horticultural art in your travels, send them our way and we'll post them here.

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topiary topiary>
Sculpture garden at PepsiCo

[3/27/2006] I visited PepsiCo headquarters in Purchase, NY over break and they have a beautiful sculpture garden on the premises. I've attached some pictures that I took of topiary and woven branch sculptures that I found amidst the famous scultpures. Megan

Gingko vase close up Gingko vase Ginkgo 'vase' sculpture in China

[9/20/2005] I had a great time in the Art of Hort last semester. This summer I went to China and I saw this "sculpture" in one of the ancient Buddhist temples. It's made of grafted ginkgo trees and shaped to look like a large vase. (Actually there was a pair of them) so I took some pictures.


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