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Fall 2017 projects

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Botanically inspired decorative eggs. View details.

Scanner photography. View details.

Barn quilt flower designs.

Botanical art etched into gourd containers, lamp.

Origami-inspired flower rainbow.

Plant-mimicking ceramic pots.

Four-season natural paper lanterns. View Part 2 | Part 3

Art of Horticulture toolkit: Plant-based ink, paper, birchwood paint brushes.

Watercolor jigsaw puzzle.

Floral photos.

Recycling paper into origami-inspired bouquet. View details.

Harvest box with wood burned and decoupage embellishment.

Nature-inspired musical composition. Listen.

Sketches and paintings inspired by a 'sit-spot' practice.

Botanically dyed felt books.

Pressed flower and leaf resin coasters.

Gourd wedding flower holders.

Digital plant/emotional eyes collage.

Horse-foot and hand mold pot holders.

Model of life's journey around Beebe Lake.

Wood-wire-bead-prism window hanging.

The Art of Horticulture
Marcia Eames-Sheavly
Horticulture Section
15B Plant Science Building
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853